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Virtual Mechanic PRO

£ 39
99 /year
  • 12-months FREE Breakdown, Recovery & Home Assist
  • Instant, conversational advice from our trained Virtual Mechanic
  • Online booking facility
  • Discounted dispute resolution services
  • Access to vehicle inspection services

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Client Testimonials

“I used Virtual Mechanic to diagnose a groaning noise coming from the front of my car. I took it to my local garage, and they confirmed it was a wheel bearing! Great to have some knowledge before hand.”
Mrs Helen Clarke, Newton Regis
“I had my car diagnosed locally but wanted to check the fault code with VM. Looks like I was trying to be charged for something that didn't actually need replacing. After getting confirmation from this APP I decided to book the car in elsewhere.”
Mr K Hawkin, Bournemouth

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Questions and Answers...

Yes, as long as you are within a one-mile radius/straight line of your home address and where appropriate, spend up to 60 minutes to try and repair the vehicle.

Anywhere in the United Kingdom.

No, the FREE breakdown service is active 48 hours after registration to Virtual Mechanic PRO has been received. This is to avoid any misuse of the services that are offered. Vehicles that have been deemed immobile before the breakdown is registered do not qualify for this service. 

Virtual Mechanic PRO is AI powered and is designed and trained to help you find the possible causes of the problems described to it. Without a physical or visual inspection of a vehicle, it is almost impossible to diagnose a fault accurately. Our Virtual Mechanic is designed to give you hints and tips so that you can be more confident when booking your vehicle in. The Virtual Mechanic will always try and suggest things you can check yourself before referring you onto our booking APP. You can also use VM to verify or check certain fault codes that you may have already been notified of elsewhere. 

Yes, as long as there is a spare wheel/tyre, locking wheel nuts, tyre foam kit in the car.

Yes, our Virtual Mechanic is trained to give you a whole range of useful advice with anything related to cars. It won’t however be able to offer legal advice.

Our Virtual Mechanic has been extensively trained on a range of automotive issues, however from time to time you may not get the specific information you need. In this case you can fill in the ‘Advanced’ queries through your Dashboard where one of our advisors will try and assist you further.

The VM is trained on generic warranty plans and therefore is unable to give specific advice without the specific terms and laid out in your contract. However, you can opt for our additional ‘warranty dispute resolution’ service where we can give you comprehensive advice.

The FREE breakdown service is applicable to the vehicle that is registered through this platform and not the individual.

The VM PRO and FREE breakdown offer will automatically renew every year unless you tell us otherwise. This is to avoid any unexpected loss of service. If you would like to cancel your renewal, you can write to support@baalliance.co.uk at anytime, and we will ensure your policy expires on the date specified.

No, the FREE Breakdown offer is in conjunction with Virtual Mechanic PRO. If you cancel your Virtual Mechanic PRO membership, you will automatically lose the benefits of the breakdown service. 

No, the membership is only valid to the individual who has registered and cannot be tranferred.

You can use the FREE breakdown service twice per year. Additional charges will apply if you go over this limit.