About us

Virtual Mechanic © is powered by British Automotive Alliance (BAA), who are based in Guildford, UK. BAA works closely with several automotive partners across the country, helping customers resolve their motoring dilemmas every day.


Throughout our time in the industry, we have recognised a need for additional tools which can help and advise consumers with ‘automotive’ related queries. The internet is full of mixed messages, and it’s not always easy to get advice from garages without attracting expensive, diagnostic bills.


This application allows you to get quick answers to simple or advanced problems you may encounter with today’s complex, high-tech vehicles. Having confidence to book your car in at a later point with some knowledge of what could be around the corner. The APP is not designed to replace traditional methods to diagnose issues with your vehicle, but to give you better understanding of what might be going on. We also offer additional services to our members, which can give advice on purchasing vehicles and warranty disputes.


The membership is also intended to save you money in other ways, by using our long-standing partnerships to pass on discounts and offers. We are committed to continually improve on the offers available to add value to your subscription.  

FREE breakdown service

Our rescue and recovery network is well established and works closely with our Network Department to ensure our customers experience an efficient, timely and safe recovery. Our Network is contractually required to work to the highest standards whilst maintaining industry certification for employees and equipment. PAS43 certification forms part of this minimum standard and applications will only be considered if this has been achieved, or will be achieved within an agreed period. The network consists of over 5000 recovery vehicles, representing one of the largest fleet recovery solutions in the UK.